Residency at MAO

The two weeks I spent in the project space at MAO must count as the most cloistered and intense time I've spent since college. Getting in to the project space early each morning and having a good uninterrupted run at remembering, sketching, gazing vacantly into space, snipping, getting burnt on the glue gun threw up a good load of ideas both new and reworked.

I allowed my hands to get on with making things, letting the last few weeks of working in the Museum of the History of Science percolate into my production. Black became increasingly interesting as a substance. Using only black wiped away peripheral concerns and let me focus on its own qualities of receding and advancing at the same time, its historical appearance in Vermeer, Velasquez, Bacon, Caulfield.

I made some sculptures, I suppose you could call them, and photographed them so the shadows became as substantial as the objects. Still would be good to find a burlier material than paper to use. Black gets marked with each exhalation. - infuriating. I love its utter soft flatness but it needs handling with cloth gloves(which of course I didn't always do).

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